Home Sale and Fasting

Musings / Tuesday, June 26th, 2018

Today has been great! I was in a fasted state for over 17 hours, got up at 5am for a walk with my hubs, went to the gym later in the day and got some cardio and arm work in… broke my fast with watermelon and grapes (while naked in the sun) and now I’m cooling down before I get back to work.

I even made it to the grocery store and didn’t buy anything extraneous, even though I was hungarrryyyyyyyy. I know this life is possible. I see it all around me. It’s rare that I participate but honestly today has felt like nothing short of success. For as much as I act like feeling this way isn’t that big of a deal, today hasn’t been that difficult, and I feel AMAZING. I’m proud of myself, I don’t have any guilty feelings swirling around in my head… and I even get to have dinner with a friend tonight! This shit is BANAS.

I can indeed be free, and it doesn’t have to feel horrible.

I finally got my house on the market today, and we already have several showings scheduled. I can feel my new life coming. HERE WE GO!